Ferrari F1 87/88 Italy 1988 Berger winner 1:18

One of the most popular F1 Ferrari from the latest Eighties in the edition leaded to Victory by the Australian driver Gherard Berger during Italian GP in 1988.

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For 1988, the Ferrari F1 87 was updated to conform to the new regulations and renamed the F1/87/88C. The car also featured new front and rear wings and a slightly lower engine cover due to the reduction in the fuel tank limit from 195 to 150 litres. The drivers Michele Alboreto and Gerhard Berger finished third and fifth in the driver’s championship with Ferrari finishing second to McLaren in the Constructors Championship. The F1/87/88C scored one pole position at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone and one victory at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza.

Although it was one of the most powerful cars of the 1988 field at around 650 bhp (485 kW; 659 PS), the F1/87/88C’s biggest problem was fuel consumption compared to the rival Honda engines used by McLaren. Ferrari, unlike Honda who had built a completely new V6 engine to cope with both the reduced fuel limit of 150 litres and the lower turbo limit of 2.5 bar, had only updated 1987’s Tipo 033 V6 engine (dubbed Tipo 033A in 1988).

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