Ferrari 126 CK Long Beach ’81 1:18


Product Code: LS18_RC07
Color: Race livery
Avaliability: Sold out

Limited Edition 249 pcs

The introduction of the 126 CK in 1981 hailed the official start of the Ferrari twin turbo era. In Maranello, the Scuderia dragged its feet about taking the new engine to the tracks, both to make the most of the naturally aspirated engine and because it wanted to try out another type of compressor, the Comprex, which was used in the 126 CX. Although theoretically very interesting, the new device turned out to be difficult to perfect for racing engine purposes. It was abandoned and the only turbocharged single-seater that remained was the 126 C.

This car raced in Long Beach Grand Prix 1981 with a 126 CX body and a KKK Turbo engine.


This is an Official Product and we are Official Supplier of Ferrari during the most important international car shows and World Premiere. MR Group is also making the models for Ferrari Contact Plan, the exclusive service that creates models in 1:43 scale with the same colors and features of the cars bought by Ferrari customers since serveral years. MR Group models are also sold in the Ferrari Store all over the world.