Concorso Italiano 2017: MR Group made the award for the “Best in show”

MR Group was once more partner of Concorso Italiano, the best event about Italian classic cars in North America. Held on August 19, 2017 at Black Horse Golf Course in Monterey Bay California, Concorso Italiano will once again be a key part the traditional Monterey Automobile Week: a unique format features more than 800 – 1000 vehicles of Italian origin.

The award for the “Best in show” model, in fact, was a sculpture designed by the famous Italian designer Filippo Perini, Head Desing of Italdesign and author of the stunning Zerouno.

Egidio Reali, CEO and founder of MR Group, together with Perini, Tom McDowell, Concorso Italiano creator, and Raffaello Porro was glad to award the owner of first prize car with this sculpture, representing the pure spirit of Italian sportscar.

Enjoy this video from our YouTube channel: