A brand new line of big and detailed models in 1:12 scale by Looksmart Models!

This is a big news. A very big news. As big as the new models in 1:12 scale made by Looksmart Models that will arrive on the shelves in fall 2016. A new and great challenge for our company, that is enlarging its catalogue with a full range of models that now includes the 1:43, 1:18 and 1:12 scale to fullfill all collectors desires.

Our 1:12 model cars will be very detailed and have perfect proportions, as tradition for all the models made by Looksmart Models. This big scale will allow us to be focused on details that are very difficult to highlight with smaller scales, as interiors, disk brakes and lights.

We have chosen for this new line the brand new Bugatti Chiron, announced at Geneve Motor Show, and Bugatti Vision GT, one of the most stunning car of the last years. For the House of the Prancing Horse, our choice is the Ferrari 488 Spider: one of the latest dreams of car models collectors.

Of course, these will be only the first models of this new line. New 1:12 models from Looksmart are already available for preorders: ask your local dealers to get them and check our website to be always informed about the latest news. You will have the chance to appreciate them at the best!



Ferrari 488 Spider 112